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St John with St Augustine's Church of England Primary School provides a well-balanced curriculum which follows the requirements of the National Curriculum in all areas. 


We have a distinctive and personalised curriculum that will prepare our children for the ever-changing world that they will grow into.


Our school has a creative curriculum that:


  • Promotes risk taking, choice and decision making which will enable our children to take responsibility for their own learning journey and lifestyle.


  • Utilises children’s natural curiosity to develop time and self management through problem solving, enquiry and investigations.


  • Provides our children with challenging learning experiences which are engaging, motivating and exciting.


  • Inspires our children to collaborate, cooperate and reflect through talk.


  • Leads children to apply their skills, knowledge and understanding through a range of real life learning experiences.


because each CHILD is at the heart of our school.

We believe that we are educating children so that they can enter  society  as  literate and numerate people who have also an appreciation and experience of a wide  range of allied skills and subjects. 
In order to do this the following subjects will form some part of their whole experience within school.  
Concerns about the curriculum should be discussed with the Headteacher in the first instance. 


A curriculum overview is published on the school website to give parents an information of what their child will be covering during the term.

Please click on the links below then look for your child's year group.