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This half term we are looking at natural art. 

We began our Art unit by comparing the similarities and differences of sculptures. 

We then used different techniques to sculpt a hedgehog out of clay. 


This half term we are studying the locational knowledge of our school and it’s grounds. 
Year 1 used the plan to identify the different places in the KS1 building. 

Ask your child to show you each classroom. 

Design and Technology 

In design and technology this half term, we have evaluated, designed and created a puppet. 


In history, the magic toy maker came to visit. He locked our classroom and left us a magic key. When we got in, he had left lots of toys past and present. 


We compared toys past and present. 


In Geography we are looked at the seven continents of the world and the five oceans. 


Ask your child if they can name the seven continents of the world. 



In Geography, we used atlases and Google Earth to locate the polar regions. 

We discussed the difference between the Atlantic and Antarctica.