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Have you heard of the witch? An evil witch that wears a torn old skirt and has rosy red cheeks. She has yellow square teeth and wiry grey hair. 

We are focusing on the traditional tale - Hansel and Gretel. 


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We explored the text Peter Rabbit. 

To create interest in our new text, we completed a jigsaw to find out who our main character is. As we completed the jigsaw we told our friend what we could see "I can see a blue jacket" "I can see a fluffy white tail". 



In English, we have started to learn the story off by heart. 

Together we created the first half of the story map and learnt what had happened so far. 


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We found the culprit! He is small, green and round - the Evil Pea. 

We followed instructions to make jelly so that we could trap the Evil Pea. 

To explore the main character, Supertato, we looked at the different vocabulary used in the story to describe him. 

We then used the vocabulary to make our own Supertato. 

Oh no! Somebody has been in our class room looking for trouble. 

Mr Carrot is attached to balloons, Mr and Mrs Potato have been stuck down with cling film and Mr Avocado is in a bowl of pom-poms.

The vegetables are in distress! 

Who could be causing all of this trouble?