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Guided Reading

At St John with St Augustine Primary School we follow 'RIC' reading.


The new objectives are: 

Retrieve- retrieving information directly from text or images

Interpret - including predictions

Choice - including language, structure and presentation

Viewpoint - including history and culture if appropriate

Perform - to make way for the Reading objectives of performance poetry and play scripts

Review - to include written recommendations, presentations and discussions as required in upper KS2



We start on a Monday with our Wow Opener such as a video or an image. This will be related to the extract or short text which is the focus for the week. 

Following this WOW, the children will answer 3 questions. We start with a retrieval, then move onto an inference and end with a choice. 


After this is complete, the children are guided through any tricky vocabulary where definitions are given and words discussed. Finally, the teacher reads the text. 



On Tuesday we start to use close reading techniques. This is where the children read re-read and start to analyse what the text is about. The children will have a focus linking to VIPERS:

Summarise or Sequencing



This is comprehension day where the children now use the information they have gathered over the last to day to answer the questions. 



Thursday is a focus on the class novel. The children will complete an activity on the the class novel each week.



Reading for enjoyment takes place every Friday. We take time to read a class novel or listen to an audio book. 


Our current read: Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans