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Key Questions

Where in the Bible is the Christmas story?

How are the stories in Matthew and Luke similar/different?

How do our celebrations reflect the true meaning of Christmas?

Where do the ideas of including a donkey and a stable in the story come from?

Programme of Study 

  • Comparison of the two Gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus
  • The intended audience of the Gospel writers and how that effected the content of their writing
  • The impact of these stories on our world today
  • The Magnificat.  (Luke 1:46-55)
  • The flight to Egypt (Matthew  2:13-18)


What we are learning...

  • know that the nativity story is recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and be able to retell the stories;
  • be able to talk about the purpose of the two gospel writers;
  • identify the connection between beliefs and stories;
  • highlight similarities and differences between different Christian denominations;
  • describe the impact the two stories have on the way in which Christians celebrate Christmas;
  • describe the Christian beliefs revealed in the nativity story.


  • ask important questions about religions and beliefs;
  • identify their own values in the light of their responses to Herod’s actions.