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Our Mission Statement


We aim within a caring and Christian environment to educate every child in our safekeeping to achieve his or her true potential.   We seek to create a welcoming, stimulating, positive and disciplined learning environment where children develop independence, interdependence, self-confidence and self-esteem.


We value Christian beliefs and practices as we are a Church of England school.  We seek to encourage an understanding of faith and promote Christian values through the experiences we offer to our pupils.   We recognise and appreciate the diversity and richness of other cultures.

We value creativity in our children and provide a curriculum that allows our pupils to see things in a new way that enables children to think independently and learn to make connections in ways which are critically important in a rapidly changing world.  We value children in our school as unique individuals. They are encouraged to grow in confidence and self-esteem and to aim high.


We value children in our school being happy, valued and secure. We aim to create an exciting, rewarding and challenging school environment where parents and visitors are welcomed. We encourage them to have pride in their school and involvement in running it.