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Seasonal Changes - Spring into Summer 

What’s the weather in our town, Accrington?


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Why are days shorter in Autumn than in Summer? 
Why do we have day and night? 
Why does our shadow change throughout the day? 


Observing how our seeds have changed in 1 week. 

To start out plants unit we planted our own sunflower seeds. We will use these to observe the seed germinate into a plant. Ask your child what germinate means. 

Animal Classifications

Year 1 have been looking at how we can classify animals. We learned what the vocabulary carnivore, herbivore and omnivore means - ask me what they mean

Using our learning, we opened our own animal cafe and made a sandwhich for a certain diet type. 

Seasonal Changes

Autumn to Winter 


Next half term we will be learning about seasonal changes - Autumn to Winter. 

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