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Acronyms and abbreviations


ADD                Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD             Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

AfL                  Assessment for Learning

AGOG             Advisory Group on Governance

AHT                 Assistant Head Teacher

AP                    Alternative Provision (eg a PRU)

APP                 Assessing Pupil Progress

APS                 Average points score

ASIP                Additional Support & Intervention Plan

AST                 Advanced Skills Teacher

AWPU            Age Weighted Pupil Unit (obs)

BESD              Behavioural Emotional & Social Difficulties

BPPE              Basic Per Pupil Entitlement

C2G                 Clerk to Governors (ie this site)

CAA                 Comprehensive Area Assessment

CAF                 Common Assessment Framework

CDT                Craft, Design and Technology

CFC                Cared for Children (also known as Looked After Children)

CFF                 Common Funding Formula

CFR                Consistent Financial Reporting

CIRT              Critical Incident Response Team

CP                   Child Protection

CPD                Continuing Professional Development

CPR                Child Protection Register

CRB                Criminal Records Bureau (now DBS)

CYPP              Children and Young Peoples Plan

DBS                 Disclosure and Barring Service

DCSF              Department of Children, Schools and Families (now DfE)

DfE                  Department for Education (since May 2010)

DfES               Department for Education and Skills (now DfE)

DFC                Devolved Formula Capital

DHT               Deputy Headteacher

DPA                Data Protection Act

DT                   Design and Technology

E2L                 English as a Second Language

EAL                 English as an additional language

EBacc              English Baccalaureate

EBD                Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

ECAR              Every Child A Reader

ECAT             Every Child A Talker

ECAW            Every Child a Writer

ECM               Every Child Matters

EIP                 Education Improvement Partnership

EFA                 Education Funding Agency

EMA                Education Maintenance Allowance

EOTAS           Education Other Than At School

EWO              Education Welfare Officer

EY                   Early Years

EYFS             Early Years Foundation Stage

EYDP             Early Years Development Plan

FE                   Further Education

FFT                 Fischer Family Trust

FOI                 Freedom of Information

FMSiS            Financial Management Standard in Schools (now SFVS)

FS                   Foundation Stage

FSM               Free School Meals

FT                   Full-time

FTE                 Fixed Term Exclusion

FTE                 Full-time Equivalent

G&T                Gifted and Talented

GB                  Governing Body

GCSE             General Certificate of Secondary Education

GTC                General Teaching Council (obs)

GTP                Graduate Teacher Programme

H & S              Health and Safety

HE                   Higher Education

HLTA              Higher Level Teaching Assistant

HMCI             Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector

HMI                Her Majesty’s Inspectorate

HMSO            Her Majesty’s Stationery Office now TSO

HoD                Head of Department

HoY                 Head of Year

HR                   Human Resources

HT                   Headteacher

IAP                  Individual Action Plan

IBP                  Individual Behaviour Plan

ICT                  Information and Communications Technology

IEP                  Individual Education Plan

IiP                    Investors in People

INSET            In-Service Education and Training

IQ                    Intelligence Quotient

ISA                  Independent Safeguarding Authority (now DBS)

ISR                  Individual School Range (of salaries)

IT                     Information Technology

ITT                  Initial Teacher Training

KS1, 2, 3, 4        Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 (KS1 age 5 – 7 “Infants”, KS2 age 7 – 11 “Juniors”, KS3 age 11- 14, KS4 age 14 -16)

LA                    Local Authority

LAC                 Looked after Children (also known as Cared for Children, or Children in Care)

LEA                 Local Education Authority

LMS                Local Management of Schools

LSA                 Learning Support Assistant

LSCB              Local Safeguarding Children’s Board

MAT               Multi- Academy Trust

MFL                Modern Foreign Language

MIFP              Manual of Internal Financial Procedures

NC                   National Curriculum

NCTL             National College for Teaching & Leadership (Previously NCSL – National College for School Leadership)

NEET              Not in Education, Employment or Training

NGA                National Governors Association

NGC                National Governors Council (obs)

NGfL               National Grid for Learning

NOR                Number (of pupils) on Roll

NPQH             National Professional Qualifications for Headship

NQT                Newly Qualified Teacher

NUT                National Union of Teachers

NVQ                National Vocational Qualifications

OFSTED        Office for Standards in Education

PAN              Published Admission Number (sometimes known as Pupil Admission Number or Planned Admission Number)

PE                   Physical Education

PGCE              Post Graduate Certificate of Education

PLASC            (obs) Pupil Level Annual School Census. Now School Census

PICSI             Pre-Inspection Context and School Indicators

PM                  Performance Management

PP                   Pupil premium

PPA                Planning, Preparation and Assessment

PRU                Pupil Referral Unit

PSCHE           Personal, Social, Citizenship & Health Education

PSE                 Personal and Social Education

PSHE             Personal Social Health Education (also PSCHE including citizenship)

PT                   Part-time

PTA                Parent Teacher Association

PTR                Pupil/Teacher Ratio

QCA                Qualification and Curriculum Authority

QTS                Qualified Teacher Status

R&R                Recruitment and retention

RAISEonline        Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through School Self- Evaluation (online)

RC                   Roman Catholic

RE                   Religious Education

ROV                Record of Visit (by SIP or external adviser)

SA                   School Action

SA+                 School Action Plus

SACRE           Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

SBSA              Schools’ Business Support Agreement (see also SLA)

SDP                School Development Plan (See also SSDP and SIP)

SEAL              Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

SEF                 Self Evaluation Form

SEN                Special Educational Needs

SENCO           Special Educational Needs Coordinator

SEND              Special Educational Needs & Disability

SFVS               Schools Financial Value Standard

SIC                  Statement of Internal Control

SIP                  School Improvement Partner

SIP                  School Improvement Plan

SLA                 Service Level Agreement (See also SBSA)

SLT                 Senior Leadership Team

SMT                Senior Management Team

SMSC             Spiritual moral social and cultural

SOD                Scheme of Delegation

SpLD             Specific Learning Difficulties

SS                   Social Services

SSDP              Strategic School Development Plan (See also SDP and SIP)

STPDC            School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document

TA                   Teaching Assistant

TDA                 Training and Development Agency

TEFL               Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TES                 Times Educational Supplement

TLG                Training Liaison Governor, also known in some LAs as Link Governors for Training and Development

TUPE             Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employment

UPN                Unique Pupil Number

VA                    Voluntary Aided

VC                   Voluntary Controlled

VI                     Visually Impaired

VLE                 Virtual Learning Environment

Y5                    Year 5 (ie 9 and 10 year olds)

YOT                Youth Offending Team