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Impact Groups


The Child and Family Well-being Service are currently running Impact Groups in school weekly. The children are very much enjoying these sessions.


Mini Impact Group Key Stage 1

Impact Group Key stage 2.

Here is some of the feedback the children gave about the Impact Groups.

"I liked the workers Linzi and Catherine"

"I liked the games"

"It was funny"

"I liked the things we got to do"

"We talked about our feelings"

"Learnt how to calm ourselves down"

"I wish we could do this everyday"

"We could talk about anything"

"I loved all of it"

"I loved the fun activities"

"My plants already started to grow"


We hope to have the opportunity to run the groups again so more of our children get the opportunity.


Chill and Chat 


Each week Year Six children choose to give their lunch time up to join the group. It lasts for half an hour and

is very informal, fun, child led, non- judgmental and always gives a message.


These are some of the sessions we have chatted about,

Social media and Online Safety (regularly)


Chocolate quiz to support speaking and listening

Self confidence and self esteem


Jokes and funny stories

Twice two outside agencies have supported, CFSW and Accrington Stanley

Online quiz


Ask it tell it session.


All the sessions have been very positive, between 10 - 17 children attending