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Relationship and Sex Education Consultation page 19th June 2020


We will be using this page over the course of the next couple of months to allow our parents and community to look at our proposed policies for Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) and Relationship and Sex Education (RSE). Obviously, due to the current national emergency with Coronavirus and with social distancing implications it is going to be difficult to have a physical meeting before September. However, we will be sending out a letter and a questionnaire next week to gain an initial response to the policy and also the content delivery.  


The process so far has involved pupils in school giving us feedback on their learning in this area and to what they felt to be important including parts they feel they do not need to know. We have taken this on board as a staff and have held in depth discussions to what we felt our children ought to be taught and at what age. Similarly, we have also consulted with our governing body and we have ensured that the Churches view point is also upheld along with respecting the faiths of other religions on relationships of all kinds.


It is important to note that the Jigsaw Scheme, which will be the fundamental scheme we will be using, aims to ensure that all teaching of Relationships and Sex Education is always from a non-biased perspective and one that promotes acknowledgement and respect for everyone. 


If parents feel they would like an opportunity to look at the content and explain what RSE is about in more detail then we are hoping to put on a physical meeting in the autumn term. Hopefully, this meeting and the information provided on this page will give parents the confidence that the curriculum delivers the content in a way which is conducive to the way our families would want it to be taught.