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Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

A good education is the springboard for lifelong learning and an understanding and appreciation of others. It also facilitates the development of skills and knowledge that allows children to cope with whatever life throws at them.


We recognise that learning is not just confined to the classroom; learning can occur anywhere! What is important for learning to occur is the resources, experiences and people that make it happen.


Remember not everything we learn can be recorded in

exercise books or expressed as a grade in a SATS test.


In our school we interweave the development of a child’s cultural capital at the heart of our bespoke curriculum. Cultural capital can be defined as the accumulation of essential knowledge needed to be educated citizens to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.


It is through this understanding that we have developed a list of experiences to empower pupils’ learning and deepen their knowledge of both curriculum and non-curriculum content. In short, the development of additional experiences for our pupils will strengthen the fabric of their learning and allow them to navigate through school with a deepened sense of security and happiness.


We have carefully selected the experiences that will be contextually important to the children in our care. These chosen experiences and activities have been incorporated into our curriculum to enrich learning and enhance the children’s understanding of the world that we live in.


Below is a small selection of activities that pupils in our schools will encounter.


Over time we can reflect and perhaps change these to keep the experiences fresh. Our Parent Forum may also like to suggest ideas too!