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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating 

Our vision: 


At St John with St Augustine CE Primary School, we recognise the important part a healthy diet plays for a child’s wellbeing and their ability to learn effectively to achieve. We believe that the school, in partnership with parents and carers, can make a major contribution to improving children and young people’s healthy by increasing their knowledge and understanding of food and helping them to make healthier food choices.


We aim to ensure that healthier food and drink is provided at all times of the day, taking into account the individual need of all and to reflect nutrition and healthy eating in our curriculum


Our Aims: 


The aims of healthy eating at St John with St Augustine CE Primary School are:


  • To increase knowledge and awareness of a healthy diet through workshops and our PSHEE and Science curriculum.
  • To provide safe, tasty and nutritious food that promotes health
  • To enable all pupils to have a healthy school meal
  • To make healthy eating enjoyable and the norm
  • To provide safe, easily accessible water during the school day
  • To promote healthy eating/healthy food choices and discouraging unhealthy eating/unhealthy food choices
  • To be a role model for healthy eating
  • To monitor healthy choices, including packed lunches
  • To use a range of opportunities to promote healthy eating
  • To ensure consistent messages regarding healthy eating are reinforced throughout the school day. 

What is a well balanced, healthy diet? 


Healthy Eating Action: 

Year 1 enjoying make a healthy fruit snack in Design and Technology.