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Parent Support Information (Year 2)

What is Phonics? 


Phonics is a method used for teaching children to read letters (graphemes) or groups of letters by saying the sound (phonemes) they represent. 


Vocabulary Definition 
digraphA type of grapheme where two letters represent one Phoneme i.e. see.
grapheme A letter, or combination of letters, that corresponds to a single phoneme within a word. 
phonemeA phoneme is the smallest unit of sound. 
split digraph Two letters that are not next to one another i.e. cake.
trigraphA type of grapheme where three letter represent one phoneme i.e. high.

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar


This term in SPAG lessons we will be investigating the following suffixes.

  • Add suffixes ness and er to create nouns e.g. happiness, sadness, teacher, baker.
  • Add suffixes ful or less to create adjectives e.g. playful, careful, careless, hopeless.
  • Use suffixes er and est to create adjectives e.g. faster, fastest, smaller, smallest.
  • Use suffix ly to turn adjectives into adverbs e.g. slowly, gently, carefully.

Please investigate and practise the spelling rules for these suffixes at home.