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Phase 4 Teaching Overview 

In Phase 4, words often referred to in relation to how many vowels and consonants they contain. 


CVC Words

The word cod is a CVC word (consonant/vowel/consonant). Other CVC words include: sad, net and him. 


CCVC Words

The word crab is a CCVC word. Other CCVC words include: trim, flat and step. 


CVCC Words

The word help is a CVCC word. Other CVCC words include: fist, mend and test. 


As children progress Phase 4 they become more confident and skilled in reading and spelling words with a greater number of letters and graphemes. 


Phase 4 Resources 

The following resources will help you to support you child as they progress through Phase 4. 

What is Phonics? 

Phonics is a method used for teaching children to read letters (graphemes) or groups of letters by saying the sound (phonemes) they represent. 


Vocabulary  Definition 
Digraph A type of grapheme where two letters represent one Phoneme i.e. see.
Grapheme  A letter, or combination of letters, that corresponds to a single phoneme within a word. 
Phoneme A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound. 
Split digraph  Two letters that are not nest to one another i.e. cake.
Trigraph A type of grapheme where three letter represent one phoneme i.e. high.


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