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Year 6 Leaving 2020

1st July 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


As you will know, we have desperately been trying to look into ways to bring our Year 6 pupils back before the end of term. We have found the logistics of this to be very challenging, since we only have half the space which we normally would have had, with already quite a number of pupils from critical worker families in the bubble classes.

However, due to the kindness from these parents, they have managed to find alternative arrangements for the last day of term, Monday, 20th July. This means that Mr Proctor, Mrs McLeod and Mr Hollinshead will be able to take two groups of up to 15 pupils for the last day, so that at some point they will at least all see each other and be able to ‘catch up’.

We are intending to invite the children into school using the church entrance and lining up at 2m intervals at 10am on the Monday morning. During the course of the day there will be a series of activities centred around their memories of St John with St Augustine’s, and an opportunity to share memories using online technology and to have a celebratory social distancing lunch. At the end of the day (2pm), it would also be nice if one family member came to make a parade of honour (2m distancing) and perhaps bring wooden spoons and a pan to cheer them through their journey from primary to secondary school.

Some of the activities we have planned so far are involving, letter writing to each other, video messages, handing out of hoodies, message balloons, music party lunch, a memory quiz and an end of day parade. If parents or our pupils also have some ideas which they would like us to consider then please email them to Mr Hollinshead. Any suggestions though would also have to adhere to the latest government guidance and therefore we cannot promise that these can go ahead.

The suggestions above are going to allow our children to have a wonderful last day and are intended to leave them with lasting memories. All our year 6 children are invited and we really hope that all of them will be able to make the last day! We have missed you all so much.


Year 6 last day:

Start 10am: Finish 2pm (lunch included).

School uniform (we thought that they might like to wear this on the last day!)

One family member to attend the parade at the end @ 2pm.



Yours sincerely,

M Proctor